Meet Salvatore Cavaliere, D.O.

Salvatore Cavaliere, D.O.
Salvatore Cavaliere, D.O.

The late Dr. C.P. Chambers, will always be a world-renowned expert in hair restoration. His legacy of leading the field pioneering new and better hair restoration procedures led him to open the Chambers Hair Institute in Troy Michigan in 1969.

In the 1980s, Dr. Chambers and his associates began to offer the first “modern” hair transplant surgies.

As we approach our fifth decade in business, The Chambers Hair Institute is proud to say that we have successfully completed hair restoration procedures on more than 150,000 satisfied clients.

As an industry leader, Dr. C.P. Chambers was heavily involved in research and education because he was dedicated to improving the options available to men and women coping with hair loss.

The current medical director of Chambers Hair Institute, Salvatore Cavaliere, D.O. considers himself fortunate to have had Dr. Chambers as his mentor, teacher, and friend. As a local Troy Michigan Hair Restoration Doctor who is licensed in three states, Dr. Cavaliere brings passion, dedication, and knowledge to his efforts at the clinic.

When you meet with “Dr. Sal”, he will present all available hair restoration options with no pressure whatsoever. Every new patient is entitled to a free initial consultation at Chambers Hair Institute to learn what types of Hair Restoration services may be right for them.

Which Hair Restoration Procedure is Right for You?

Some clinics that offer hair restoration procedures treat patients like they are part of an assembly line. You might not even meet a doctor without first sitting through a high-pressure sales pitch from someone who is trying to make his or her monthly quota. Dr. Cavaliere meets with all new patients personally and takes the time to answer their questions. He may make a specific recommendation based on your hair loss pattern, but ultimately the decision about treating your hair loss is up to you.

Surgical Hair Restoration

For men who have inherited male pattern baldness, the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) or the Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) surgical procedure may be most appropriate. With this hereditary condition, hair loss starts at the crown and works its way back on the top of the scalp. Hair on the back and sides of the head is typically most resistant to balding, but that may also fall out as you age. The time to act with these surgeries is while you still have some natural hair. That is because Dr. Cavaliere extracts healthy hair follicles from your remaining hair and transplants them to the balding areas.

The methods of extraction differ between the two procedures as does the total circumference where he removes the follicles. They also leave different scarring patterns, although that is not as much of a concern with our dove tail closure procedure that minimizes scarring. Dr. Cavaliere will discuss additional differences between FUE and FUT at your initial consultation. You could also be a good candidate for the ACell hair cloning surgical procedure.

You may have a full head of hair yet have thin, missing, or misshapen eyebrows. If so, you will be happy to know that Dr. Cavaliere performs eyebrow transplants from areas on your body that grows the same type of thin hair.

Non-Surgical Hair Restoration

While patches of baldness are more of an issue with men, thinning hair is more of an issue for women. In both of these situations, a non-surgical hair restoration procedure may be most appropriate. Chambers Hair Institute offers Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy and ACell with PRP therapy. You may not be aware that your body continuously creates blood plasma with healing and regeneration powers which can be used to re-grow hair. ACell, made from the by-products of animals, has a similar effect.

If you opt for either of these procedures, Dr. Cavaliere obtains a small blood sample from you at each appointment that he places into a centrifuge. The purpose of this is to isolate the platelets from whole blood. When injected into the area of hair loss, PRP stimulates new follicle growth. You should plan to commit to a few weekly sessions over the course of several months for best results.

We encourage you to take advantage of our FREE consultations to learn more about how you can once again have a head full of thick, healthy hair.